HOPE Africa is a Non-Profit Company created as the Anglican Church’s response to poverty and inequality in society. The work of HOPE Africa focuses on building sustainable Partnerships, Capacity Building, Public Policy and Advocacy, and providing support and guidance to community projects.

Key activities: building the capacity of the faith leaders and communities to address their challenges, care for orphaned and vulnerable children and youth, care and support for victims and survivors of sexual and gender based violence, food security and household sustainability, create responses to health issues including HIV and Aids and other health threatening diseases and conditions, initiatives and programs that support the empowerment of women in communities and society.


To promote and implement a social development programme for the Anglican Church in Southern Africa for the improvement of the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Well Being of the Poor and Oppressed People of Africa on a non-denominational basis.


Empowering communities through integral Mission

Strategic Objectives

• Understand the needs of the communities
• Develop capacity of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa to respond to the needs
• Create a support mechanism for community development (life-long)

Working with communities

The emphasis of HOPE Africa’s involvement is that any community initiative only works and is sustainable where the locals are fully involved every step of the way. Key activities for the organization include:

  • Building the capacity of the Faith Based Organisations and Community Based Organisations to address their challenges;
  • Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC);
  • Care and support for victims and survivors of sexual and gender based violence:
  • Address food insecurity and help build household sustainability;
  • Response to health issues including HIV & Aids, TB, Malaria and other health threatening diseases
    and conditions;
  • Build and strengthen the local institutions and community resilience in responding to socioeconomic challenges in their different contexts;
  • Empower leadership of the church and community with skills and knowledge on effective leadership and strategic planning processes; and
  • Enhance the capacity of the local institutions and community projects to be able to take stock of, their efforts, reflect and account through monitoring and evaluation systems.

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